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in Australia, Middle East, Russia and South-America

Scandinavia, Italy, Belgium
We optimise rest, recovery & regeneration for comfort, wellbeing and health.

At UCI, we aim to contribute significantly to people's health by producing outstanding sleep products. After 20 successful years of researching, developing and innovating, we consider ourselves experts in this field. We never compromise on comfort, and for us only the best materials are good enough, as are our very competitive prices, either. We carry our own branded lines Pillowise® (the retail concept for tailor-made pillows), ThermoFit® (high segment) and Comfort Air® (mass retail) and we develop for private labels. As a market leader in ergonomic sleep comfort, our customers include buying associations, large retailers, such as department stores, hypermarkets and Cash & Carrys, as well as manufacturers who are specialised in bedding products. 

Things we would like you to know about our company: 

  • We stand for supreme quality at competitive prices.
  • We have exceptionally flexible production facilities enabling short delivery times.
  • We design customised private label products and packaging, in the language of your choice.
  • We stand for service-mindedness and prompt communication.
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